The WhatAbouts? are about singing 60’s songs and good times.
Featuring Suzy, Kelly and Deb
Great for parties and car shows

Our adventure started almost ten years ago when a friend of ours thought we should perform at the Relay for Life in Plymouth. The three of us, Kelly, Deb and Suzy were new members of the Livonia Civic Chorus when we formed our group.

We thought 60’s dance music would be fun to impersonate. We began thinking of names for our group. Everyone had great ideas but we just couldn’t decide on one. “What about this?” and “What about that?” kept coming into our discussion. Kelly said, “How about the WhatAbouts?”

The name stuck and we have been having fun singing at many car shows like the Dream Cruise, Legends shows, which features many different impersonators and fundraisers. We enjoy all kinds of music and dancing, but hanging out with each other is the most fun.

Performing all the Big Girl Group Songs of the 60s!
*Mary Wells
*The Angels
*The Crystals
*The Ronettes
*Nancy Sinatra
*Barbara Lewis
*The Marvelettes
*Dusty Springfield

Singing songs from all your favorites!
My Guy
Tell Him
He’s a Rebel
One Fine Day
My Boyfriends Back
Going to the Chapel
Don’t Mess With Bill


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  1. Saw you doing “Born Too Late” this morning on one of T J Lubinski’s PBS specials. Nicely done, ladies. This is the music from my puppy days and it’s gratifying to see that it’s being passed on.

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