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    1. Hi Tell me about the Xmas Party in Riverview on December 15, 2017. Is it open to the public? cost? time? Where at? Dinner?

    2. I work for American Airlines. We are looking for a few volunteers to aide in our Soaring Valor flight. This is a flight that will take WWII vets and their guardians to New Orleans where they will get to visit the WWII museum and tell their stories of heroism. We would love to have about three ladies impersonating the Andrews sisters by singing and just enjoying the vets as they come thru the receiving line and enter the boarding area for the flight. The flight is scheduled for July 17, 2019. We do not have the exact time just yet, hoping its an early morning flight. We would only need volunteers to be here 2-2 1/2 hrs before the flight boards and then once the flights leaves they are free to go. Please let me know if this is something your group would be interested in volunteering for.

      1. I will get this over to Kelly. She does the booking, etc. and asked her to get with you via Email. John (webmaster)

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